Helo Halo

I’ve been meaning to look this up for a while. Back in theatre, I was traveling back to Anaconda from some base (I can’t recall which now). It was around 2AM, we were dead tired but the helos finally arrived, a pair of CH-47 Chinooks. We loaded up, flew about 2 minutes to a fuel depot on base, then landed and they made us all get out for safety precautions. As they refueled the birds, the 10-15 passengers stood about 50 yards away and got to witness one of the most spectacular sights we’ll probably ever see in our lives. The twin rotors of (at least one of) the Chinooks were glowing like halos in the pitch blackness of the night. It looked almost exactly like this picture (unlike the photojournalist who took this picture, I didn’t have an uber camera that can take pictures in almost zero light; plus taking pictures generally isn’t allowed for civilians):


~ by returningjapanese on August 15, 2010.

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