Saigon cont, trip to Vietnam, cont…

Third night in HCMC, after a day on the Mekong river and eating too much, with fruit and banana cake and honey tea and fish spring rolls, that ended the tour.


edit: the Mekong delta tour was a lot of fun. They took me to an orchard where they served fresh fruit while some minstrels played folk songs and singers performed. Went to a honey farm where they served honeyed tea and honeyed rice wine. Delicious! I got to handle two snakes, pretty thrilling, but they were harmless. Ended with a rowboat trip back to the starting point.


Went to the casino at the hotel, couple of real cute girls working there. Took me a while to get into the gambling mood, but soon I was up at $200 after starting with $40. The dealer girl was so beautiful, so sweet and helpful, I couldn’t help imagining taking her home with me. Then I noticed the huge rock on the fourth finger of her left hand. Of course she was married or engaged, a girl this hot. Great smile, great eyes, great voice, petite little body with curves, and sweet as honey, trying to help me win with hints. Alas, this desire and wanting to be cool in front of her led to my downfall. I left down $55 and feeling like a loser. I wanted so much to walk out giving her a $20 tip and maybe asking her to dinner. Instead I went to my room for a cold shower and feeling like my life was a series of misteps, as the same shit happened tonight as many times in my life. It wasn’t that I was cocky, but I let myself be distracted and lost sight of the goal. One time I hit double-down instead of split when I had 20 on the table, costing me $60 when I busted. I forgot I was in Vietnam, and when I started winning, I started increasing my bets, as high as $35 a game at one point. In Vietnam, that’s high stakes. I should have kept it around $10 a bet, and I could have walked out of there with $500 and maybe the girl on my arm. Married or not, winning is winning, and girls love a winner and a big tip, even if it’s nothing long-term. Lecherous I know, and I would have regretted seeing a married woman, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, I was left to think about what could have been…


~ by returningjapanese on October 18, 2008.

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