Last day in Saigon, trip to Vietnam ends

The last day in HCMC, waited around the hotel for the pick-up ride to the airport in the afternoon. After a good breakfast, watched the Karate Kid on tv. Terrible movie, but entertaining. Went to the pool, couple of cuties there, nothing worth heartache or loin-ache over. Was going to get a massage, but felt the impulse to try my luck at cards again, and hopefully see the beautiful girl again. No dice, she wasn’t there. But I did do relatively well on the blackjack table again, got as high as $95 on $20. Tried to push my luck but ran out of time and luck, left with $75 and the admiration of the dealer and bystander employees. The dealer was a guy this time but he was equally helpful and supportive as the hot girl from the night before. I realized they had nothing to lose by being helpful and supportive of players (see the edit below), probably hoping for a nice tip when you left their table a winner. Gave him $10 for his help, would have given more if I had won more. So I left almost exactly even for the two efforts. Not bad, felt somewhat redeemed, neither a winner or a loser, just some guy passing the time (edit: story of my life). Had lunch, somewhat unimaginative combination of pho and spring rolls and beer. Went to the airport in rush hour traffic, still nothing amazing about it, and spent 4 hours at the airport before flying. And that was it for my trip to Vietnam.

edit: the card tables were all electronic, so the dealers were basically just button-pushers. Cameras weren’t allowed in the casino either, so no pictures of the beautiful girls.


~ by returningjapanese on October 18, 2008.

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