Days 2 and 3 in Nha Trang, trip to Vietnam, cont…

Well, 3 days down and so far so good. I’m actually getting time to rest and relax, without having any scheduled event to attend besides breakfast. Unfortunately I’m badly sunburned all over my arms and legs from the boating trip on the 2nd day in Nha Trang. It was a blast, with snorkeling, swimming, and delicious food. I overcame some lack of confidence when I went swimming on the beach the first evening in Nha Trang, and then even more when I was on the boat trip. I spent most of the time shirtless, scars and slight pooch and all. It was very freeing.

Fish farm near Nha Trang

Fish farm near Nha Trang

Back to the first evening here, I went to the beach and slept for a little while. I finally got the courage to go into the water after some Vietnamese girls (one was pretty hot) went in after a day at school or work. Soon a group of good-looking Vietnamese girls on vacation showed up and made things even more interesting. From their bodies and behavior I’d say they were westernized. Had a great time in the water, even without ever talking to any of them (language barrier, right?).

Back to the day after the boat trip and the sunburn. Spent most of the day sleeping, then went for a walk and ate at a local eatery. They had a sign out that said they were recommended by travel guides like Lonely Planet. Good enough for me. Food was good, cold beer was good. Walked back to the hotel along the beach, not much to see in the way of females. Heard a great Vietnamese song during the nightly dance performance in the courtyard. Doubt I’ll ever hear it again. Should have found out what it was.

edit: while updating some posts, I realized I’m a terrible photographer. I can never get exactly the shot I want, and my pictures are usually boring with no point of focus. Also, it seems my curse that whenever I have my camera ready, there’s nothing to shoot. As soon as I put it away, some of the most spectacular people and scenery I’ve ever seen pass by me. Story of my life.


~ by returningjapanese on October 15, 2008.

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